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Precision Timber Handrails specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of complex timber handrails. Because we are experts in what we do, you can rely upon our modern approach backed up by our heritage of craftsmanship.

Using state of the art measuring equipment we capture the geometry of any balustrade for our CAD team to build upon. From 3D model, we perfect every curve to ensure the smooth transition from top to bottom.

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Precision Measuring & Site Surveys

We offer a comprehensive digital site survey using state of the art measuring equipment to capture the precise details of any underlying construction, be it wood, metalwork, glass or stone. Read More

Used by manufacturers Porsche, BMW and Airbus, the digitising equipment and software generate underlying geometry to within 80 microns of accuracy. As the basis for our design and CAD work, a site survey enables us to plot the perfect handrail upon any balustrade. As part of this service, we carry out a review of the underlying balustrade construction to ensure there are no unsightly imperfections that will detract from the finished handrail. This consultative approach is the first step in our commitment to achieving the best result.

Quality Design

Our highly skilled CAD technicians use leading industrial design software to generate 3D models of each handrail prior to production; dividing the more complex curves into parts and thoroughly testing them through virtual simulation to make sure that each component is correct. Read More

Using over 35 years' experience, we scrutinise and perfect CAD models to create the smoothest transitions and profiles resulting in unrivalled excellence in all that we make. Where design input is needed, our heritage of craftsmanship and fine woodworking is there to support our clients in creating ergonomic and distinctive rails.

CNC machining specialists

As an extension of our craft skills we use the latest 5 Axis and 8 Axis CNC machining centres. Curved rails are carefully machined from a variety of reliably sourced fine timbers using a process that achieves extremely close tolerances; What’s more, we create precise joints between each part. Read More

This exclusive feature of the handrail service ensures first class quality and considerable time saving for fitters on site. Rails are meticulously sanded and dry fit tested at the production stage, leaving the least possible amount of finishing during installation - leaving nothing to chance. Throughout the CNC process our CAM experts carefully analyse and program each piece using high precision specialist software akin to the automotive and aerospace industries. At each level of programming we aim to reduce waste material, and maintain accurate machining techniques to achieve the best possible surface finish. We have in house tool engineering facilities so that we can produce almost any profile for your handrail project.

Installation & Polishing

As part of our manufacturing process we create the joints between each of the parts we make. The level of accuracy is unrivalled and does away with the need to cut joints on site. Read More

This achieves considerably better quality installations and reduces on site time. A nationwide team of professional installers ensure that every project meets exacting standards. Along with a dedicated team of polishers they ensure that the quality of the finished handrail exceeds the client’s expectations.

We also manufacture tread & riser cladding,
& make extraordinarily complex timber staircases.

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