Stunning hardwood spiral staircase

A Proven System

It's good to have a plan - at Precision Timber Handrails we also have a system; one that ensures everything is in place to make accuracy, quality, aesthetic details, installation and finishing, a natural part of a cooperation with our customers, project managers, main contractors and architects. Working hand in hand to meet costs, deadlines and outstanding results.

Precision Timber Handrails - Systematic throughout

Information can be taken directly from architectural drawings (PDF or paper copies).
All main file types (DWG, DXF, IGES etc) can be imported into our CAD systems.
Typically we use drawings at the estimating stage.

For extra precision (and where site dimensions may vary from drawings), we carry out a comprehensive on-site digital survey to measure key points of newly built or existing elements. Using state of the art measuring equipment, accuracy of 80 microns can be achieved within the radius of our Measuring device. Using a leap frog system and accurate referencing tools, long distances can be covered with minimal loss of precision.

Precision Timber Handrails dedicated team also project manage every project from start to finish to ensure that every project is delivered on time, first time, every time.

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1) Digital Measuring - peace of mind

Digitising in the grandest residences

Precision is key to ensure total accuracy, we offer a comprehensive digital site survey using state of the art measuring equipment. Our team of experts will visit the site and measure any underlying construction of the existing staircase using sophisticated, laser guided equipment. Used by manufacturers Porsche, BMW and Airbus, the digitising equipment and software generate underlying model geometry to within 80 microns.

The arm that we use has a 3.66metre range, and is set up on site by our experts. We are able to digitally measure underlying geometry before we manufacture each handrail - from underlying core rails, balustrades or just treads and risers.

A site survey typically lasts a few hours, but depends on the complexity and size of each contract. We are able to measure intricate metalwork, glass panels, concrete and timber staircases and record the results as a single CAD file for later analysis and development by our CAD team.

The Value of a Digital Survey:

Because concrete, steel and glass staircases often vary from planned dimensions, it is often essential that a site survey be carried out before manufacture to ensure a perfect fit of the handrail. This in turn, results in much improved aesthetics of the handrail.

Once on site, our professional team will ensure minimum disruption to clients and their property.

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2) CAD/CAM design, development and simulation ensures smooth accurate rails

Handrail CAD renders
Handrail CAD CAM

Our highly skilled team of designers and engineers use leading industrial design software to generate 3D models of each handrail prior to production; dividing the more complex curves into parts and thoroughly testing them through virtual simulation to make sure that each component is correct. Even the most advanced 3D software cannot outdo the human eye.

Where design input is needed we have a heritage of craftsmanship and fine woodworking to support our clients in creating ergonomic and distinctive rails.

CAD/CAM design, development and simulation
Precision Timber Handrails CAD specialists are trained to the highest calibre, giving you peace of mind that models will be accurate, and produced to professional standards.

Our CAD team can build up precise 3D models of handrails from both architectural drawings, and from data captured on a site survey.

Once split, our CAM experts carefully analyse and program each piece using high precision specialist software akin to the automotive and aerospace industries. At each level of programming we aim to reduce waste material, and maintain accurate machining techniques to achieve the best possible surface finish.

Where possible we produce tooling for specific profiles or for more intricate pieces use 3D milling techniques. Ensuring the accuracy of the machining to extremely close tolerances is achieved through real-time simulations in the CAM software.

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3) Precise machining

5 Axis router

Using our state of the art 5 Axis CNC machining centres, curved rails are carefully machined from a variety of fine timbers. Our process allows us to work to extremely close tolerances; creating precise joints between components.

This exclusive feature of the handrail service ensures first class quality and considerable time saving for fitters on site. Rails are meticulously sanded and dry fit tested at the production stage, leaving the least possible amount of finishing during installation - leaving nothing to chance.

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4) Jointing

Invis handrail fixing system

In a world where finding skilled craftsmen is increasingly difficult, Precision Timber Handrails understand the importance of reducing time and effort as much as possible. Fitting and installing handrails on site can be tricky and expensive business if every component needs to be cut and jointed.

Using various pre-machined joint methods, our handrails can be quickly assembled and fixed together precisely. Security and strength are standard in all the joint systems we provide. Strong and totally reliable and done in a way to concealing the mechanical fixings, and maintain the aesthetics of the rail.

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5) Installation

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Our philosophy is providing a complete handrail service. A professional, nationwide team is available to install and finish rails to the highest standards both quickly and efficiently.

Reducing on site jointing as much as possible is paramount to achieving higher quality installations: we achieve this by using various pre machined joint methods, and reducing the need for a lot of marking, mitring and manual cutting of rails on site.

6) Finishing

Our dedicated team of professional polishers ensure that the quality of the finished handrail shines through by ensuring it is treated and finished to the highest possible standards.

As part of the Precision Timber Handrails service, you can be sure of a superb finish to your handrail without having to source a third part to finish and polish your handrail.