Our aim is to achieve flawless results

Together with our unique connection and fixing system, our nationwide team of professional installers ensure that every project meets exacting standards. They ensure that each and every joint is properly fixed and fine sanded prior to polishing.

We use the very best polishers and offer a wide array of finishes and mediums.

Our polishing and finishing service covers all aspects of wood coatings and decorative finishes.

Colour and sheen can be matched to other woodwork.


Our sample service ensures that clients’ desires are met. It allows them to see and feel a sample of the end product and make informed decisions without delay.

We offer a choice of modern medium from acid catalysed to water based or more traditional French polishing.

Leather wrapping of handrails is also available.

Whatever your choice of finish, Precision Timber Handrails are with you every step of the way from first to last.


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