Our aim is to achieve precise results

We offer a comprehensive digital site survey using state of the art measuring equipment to capture the precise details of any underlying construction, be it wood, metalwork, glass or stone. Our site survey technicians use digitising equipment akin to that used by Porsche, BMW and Airbus; measuring technology that is accurate to within 80 microns.

As the basis for our design and CAD work, a digital site survey provides us with the correct information to work with. Whether that be the design and installation of a perfect handrail upon a balustrade or the over cladding of concrete with curved strings, treads and risers, our team can confidently asses and develop a solution for the most difficult projects.

Site Survey


It’s a collaborative process – reviewing the underlying construction ensures there are no unsightly imperfections that will detract from the final finished handrail or other parts. We can identify issues at an early stage and offer solutions to bring projects to a successful completion.


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