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Timber v.s. Metal Handrail

When designing a staircase there’s always a dilemma on whether to go for a timber handrail or a metal one.

It’s a big investment and the decision needs to be the correct one. So, here’s our reasons on why timber outclasses metal.

Elegance – With any design, elegance is essential. Timber is renowned for its elegance in appearance, detail and design.

Craftsmanship – A timber handrail boasts skill and craftsmanship throughout its design and manufacture. It becomes a standout feature to any staircase.

Texture – Something that will always remain exclusive to a timber handrail is its organic texture that is felt as your hand runs along it. The warm feel when compared to cold metal is a subtle difference which carries heavy significance when using the handrail.

Grandeur – A grand staircase requires a grand material and it’s almost certain that timber can add grandeur to any staircase.

Timeless – Handrails have long known to be made from timber. The default material for a reason. Used through the past, to the present, and for sure the future, timber handrails will always stand the test of time.

Flexibility – A handrail can be designed in many fashions and timber allows the flexibility for creativity. Handrail profiles can be made in all shapes and sizes with speed and precision.

Environmentally kind – Timber holds a status of being environmentally friendly while the production of metal contributes to pollution massively. A key factor for low emission housing developments.

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